The Dentist - A complete dental software solution

As mentioned in the previous page, getting the software is just a matter of sending an Email to You will get a response within 24 hours on how to make the payment for the software. Once you make the payment you will recieve a link to download the software. The software will be a zip file containing all the necessary programs and drivers to intall and use the software. A full installation digitsl manual will be send with the software.

Online support will be provided fot any issues you may be facing. If you desire any further training, Dr. Laxmi will be providing this training online or at her office in Chembur. The cost for this training session is Rs 1,000/- only/ This software has been created to be a zero support program and can be installed and used by anyone with the most elementary knowledge of using the Windows Operating System.

Once you have purchased the software you will be enabled for the referral program. Click here to know more and understand the BITEIN referrral system for "The Dentist" practice management software.